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Merries diaper S size

Merries diaper S size

SKU: 364215376135191

Size: Small size, 82 counts


Age range: 8.8 pounds to 17.6 pounds


Type: Taping, paper diaper


Brand: Merries





  • Product Information

    Merries is produced by Japanese company named "Kao" and it was chosen the best diaper 3 years in a row in Japan.


    - Features -

    ・the cushion can reduce the skin damage.

    ・The surface is rough, so it can absorb very quicky.

    ・As its surface is rough, it is able to lock it away.


    Merries has variety of functions, good sanitary condition and protection.




  • Return goods & cancellation policy

    If there is any defect on the products, we will get you full-refund including shipping fee.

  • Shipping Information

    The itme will be sent within 2 days after you order.

    Shipping fee is paid by us.




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